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BHS Choirs!

We are starting a Musical Theatre class this year! You must complete an audition for this class. Here is some other important info about the auditions:

- Make sure you sign up for a time slot for your audition by Friday, 8/16.

- You can choose a comedic OR dramatic monologue.

- You can Google ideas for a monologue or song. The song you choose to sing needs to be a show tune or musical theatre piece. Look up Broadway musicals if you need inspiration (not GLEE).

- Try YouTube for accompaniment tracks WITHOUT background vocals or the performers singing along.

- You will receive an AUDITION FORM in class OR pick one up from Ms. Norrell/Mrs. Jezek if you are not registered for the class.

- You will have some class time to polish your song and monologue on 8/15, 8/16, and 8/19 but you MUST start preparing it now!

- If you have questions that you can’t find the answer to on Google or by asking a friend, then email

Ms. Norrell or Mrs. Jezek

The 2018-2019 school year was a new beginning for the Bridgeport Middle School and High School Choral Program! The 2019-2020 school year will be INCREDIBLE!!! You can follow us on Facebook @BULLSchoirs. 
Participation in the BHS choirs provides students the opportunity to improve individual vocal technique, music theory, and sight reading skills. Students will learn challenging choral literature in a variety of musical styles, and in the future will be able to compete at choral contests. The BHS Choir Department is dedicated to providing each of its choral students with the highest quality music education available. The goal is to instill in each student the concepts of work ethic, time management, appropriate peer group socialization, and above all, a love and passion for the artistry of making music!

Students are encouraged to participate in the All-State process and Region Solo and Ensemble to gain experience as a solo singer. There will be solo opportunities at several concerts as well.
Singing works parts of the brain like nothing else can! It is very exciting that Bridgeport ISD values fine arts and is starting a choir program. The Bridgeport Choral Program looks forward to serving the Bridgeport community for many years to come.
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