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Semester Test Review


1-11 Know the NASP 11 steps for archery


  1. Know the 3 basic parts of a modern firearm


  1. What is the 1st step to becoming a responsible hunter?


  1. Where would you find the caliber or gauge of a firearm?


  1. What is the 1st rule of firearm safety?


  1. What is good marksmanship?


  1. What does an ethical hunter try to do when harvesting an animal?


  1. You should plan your hunt, and then what?


  1. Why do we have hunting laws and regulations?


  1. What should you always do before climbing into or out of an elevated blind?


  1. What are the 3 most important things you need for survival?


  1. What is a hunter’s safe zone of fire?


  1. What should you use to get a bow or gun into an elevated stand?


  1. What are the 3 things you should ask yourself before taking any shot?


  1. What is the safest clothing to wear hunting?


  1. What is the international sign for an emergency situation?


  1. How can you prevent hypothermia?


  1. Why should the zipper of a tent be kept closed?


  1. What are tent stakes used for?


  1. What is the main thing you should consider when buying a tent?


  1. How are sleeping bags rated?


  1. What is a cat hole?


  1. How can you get clean water while camping?


  1. What is hypothermia?


  1. What is your greatest resource in a bad situation?